Most people know that music is my first love, but, few are aware that storytelling is my second, which led me to become an author, filmmaker and content creator. Eventually, I turned my short stories into books. My first published work is called, Simon’s Alphabet Adventure. I loved the character, so much, that I took Simon on another adventure and published, Simon Saves the Land of Colorloo.

Simon, the main character: Looking at Simon, you really cannot tell what race/ethnicity he is. The reasoning behind this is that there are so many kids who cannot identify with just one race/ethnicity and we need more books with characters they can relate to. When I looked at my own family and the wonderful mixture of ethnicities, I saw Simon in my nephews and little cousins. They inspired me to create, “Simon”.

Simon’s Alphabet Adventure:

Simon always wondered why the people of his land were always so sad. He learned they were sad because their alphabet letters were blown away in a terrible storm! They had no way to write about the beautiful people, places and things in their land. Will Simon make the people of his land happy again by finding the lost alphabet letters and bringing them back home? Read, Simon’s Alphabet Adventure, to find out!

Simon’s Alphabet Adventure was written to teach young children about the alphabet in a fun and exciting way!

For another amazing experience with Simon, check out the audio version of Simon’s Alphabet Adventure! The kids will love it and so will you!

Contact us with your proof of purchase and you will be sent a complimentary audio version! Listen to the preview, below.

Simon Saves the Land of Colorloo:

Simon is off on another adventure! This time, Simon takes a trip to the, once beautiful, land of Colorloo. Colorloo lost its beauty after Ebon, the Wizard, created a spell to make all of the colors disappear!

Read, Simon Saves the Land of Colorloo, to find out if Simon will be able to reverse Ebon’s evil spell and bring the beautiful colors back to Colorloo!